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Project TitlePower Switching Technology for High Breakdown Voltages
Track CodeUIC-2014-055
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Innovators at UIC have developed a high breakdown voltage InAlN/GaN device useful in power switching applications and integrated circuits.


Currently, the biggest problem with InAlN/GaN devices is their low breakdown voltages, which is typically less than 200V. This is not suitable for a many applications such as power switches in smart grids, or hybrid electric cars. Inventors at UIC have proposed a novel approach to make the breakdown voltage of InAlN/GaN much higher than 1000V, rendering this kind of device very promising for next generation applications.  This work will make possible any commercial production of power switches based on InAlN/GaN materials, which are much more effective than conventional AlGaN/GaN switches. InAlN/GaN can offer higher current carrying capabilities and greater resilience to current collapse due to the high Aluminum percentage in the barrier layer, and reduced strain in the epitaxial structure.

Applications:    Can be used in smart grids, windmills, factory automation, hybrid and electric cars, and aeronautics.

Benefits:    A very high breakdown voltage can be achieved, as well as high current density and minimal current collapse (i.e., devices will not degrade when switched).

For more information, contact Mark Krivchenia.

TagsElectrical/Electronics, energy, Engineering/Physical Science, gallium, hardware, InAlN/GaN, MEM, Miscellaneous – Physical Sciences, semiconductor, sensors, aluminum, breakdown voltage, current density, hybrid electric vehicles, indium, power circuits, power switching, Smart Grid
Posted DateMar 23, 2016 4:56 PM


Junxia Shi


Mark Krivchenia
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