Project TitlePhonePark: Street parking using mobile phones
Track CodeUIC-2012-146
Short Description

PhonePark coordinates all aspects of the street parking experience by facilitating parking, payment reminders, and mobility transition patterns in urban settings


Real-time street parking availability information is important in urban areas, and if available could reduce congestion, pollution, and gas consumption.

UIC researchers have developed software, called PhonePark, for drivers traveling with a mobile device to automatically detect parking and unparking by a driver. The software also determines when and where the car is parked and can identify parking payments alerts. For example, it can remind the driver that she parked in a paid parking area but did not pay. PhonePark uses geospatial data with the GPS and accelerometer components on a traveler's mobile phone to identify mobility transition patterns.

Since the PhonePark system is based solely on mobile phones, it is less costly to implement and maintain than traditional approaches to parking detection (i.e. external sensors). PhonePark is inexpensive, convenient, flexible, and can cover extended areas (i.e. multiple cities).

This invention is an important component of an overall, user-friendly, low cost parking strategy to help travellers automatically locate and drive to available off-street parking in large cities.


  • A critical component to a smart phone-based parking strategy for cities


  • Automatically detects parking and unparking of a vehicle
  • Compatible with any mobile device fitted with GPS and accelerometer sensors
  • Does not require external sensor infrastructure
  • Inexpensive and flexible component to a smart parking systems in urban areas
  • Allows for customized advertizing to travellers

For more information, contact Mark Krivchenia.

Posted DateMar 17, 2016 10:56 AM


Bo Xu
Leon Stenneth
Ouri Wolfson
Philip Yu


Mark Krivchenia
Sandra Thompson